So Long Nut Case

Well, some time has passed and I’ve been busy with a new chapter in my life.  I look at the time I spent at Janet’s house as more of a flat tire/breakdown than a stop along my journey through life.

I got part of my deposit back but not without a lot of stress first.  She returned it a day late and a dollar short.  She charged me for utilities but did not bother to include receipts in the envelope so I have no idea whether it was correct or not.  She also charged me for an old cheap patio chair I broke when I first came over to see the room.  At the time I offered to pay for it but she declined.  Then I get my deposit back and there’s the charge, with no mention or reference to it other than a line item in the deductions.  I thought that was pretty chicken shit of her.  But I decided to just let her go her own twisted way and I’ll go back to my life.  She seemed like the type that enjoyed fighting over stupid stuff so I decided to just ignore it.  Whatever.  Now I’m living by myself and at a new job making more money than I have in while.  My stress level has gone down to only the usual stress of being single and doing everything myself, etc.

I guess the moral of this story is “Nasty ingrediants don’t make tasty puddin”.


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Sick with Worry

It’s 4:02 am and I can’t sleep, sick with worry and stress.  I’m in dire need of my deposit money but when I went to my post office box today to check, it wasn’t there.  I called J. immediately after and got her phone machine-I left a message.  She also included her cell phone number in her outgoing message so I called that too-left a message.  I also sent her an email after that.  About an hour later she called me back from her cell phone with excuses. There was a family emergency…she had to go to Arizona…her car broke down on the way back…forgot to bring my contact info with her…hadn’t figured out the utilities yet…was happy to hear from me…will “do my best” to put it in the mail by this evening…wanted to have it post marked the 21st (to mark 21 calendar days).  Even thought I offered to come by in the morning to pick it up she insisted on mailing it to me.

This person is bizarre and cruel.  I just want my money back so I can pay my bills and be completely out of her sick little fantasy life.  She’s putting me in distress and real financial hardship by not returning my money on time.  I’m more than likely to be homeless, sleeping in my van by nightfall tomorrow.

I wonder if she’ll even return it at all.  If not, I’m really ****ed.

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Still Waiting

Well, today is Sunday, Sept. 17th and I’m still waiting for my former roommate to return my deposit check to me.  I have to admit that I’m expecting the worst.  Good thing is my stomache aches and diarrehea have stopped.  My stress level has gone down quiet a bit as well.

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Free at Last!

Well, two days ago was the big day.  I moved out!  Hurray!

I rented a U-haul truck and moved my stuff into storage.  Funny thing is, Janet even helped me a bit.  I guess she really wanted me out of there.  The feeling was mutual on my part so I didn’t turn down the offer.

Perhaps I made a mistake though.  After moving everything out, Janet told me not to worry about the cleaning, that she’d do it.  I asked her if she was sure and told her I intended to do it but she said that she would do it and that it was only vacuuming in the bedroom and general cleanup in the bathroom.  I hope she doesn’t try to take advantage of me (again).  If she does, it’s my fault for being stupid.

Now I’m staying with a friend temporarily until I get re-situated.  The only worry I have to worry about the deposit now.  I gave her $625.00.  I owe her for utilities and I’m expecting she will take full advantage of this and try to over charge me.  Now it’s the 21-day waiting game to see what will happen.

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Staying Clear

Well, right now there are (fortunately) no new problems to report.  This is probably because I stay gone during the day.

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Got Angry When I Asked for It in Writing

This morning J. told me that she is showing the room tomorrow at 11 am and that this is my 24 hour notice.  I replied by asking for it in an email.  She got angry and said she didn’t have to do that and went on to complain about me some more (as usual).  When she finished I restated that I wanted it in an email (I even said please).  She said she wasn’t going to do that.

Finally, about 10 minutes later she slid a hand-written note to me under the door stating that she was going to show the room.  It doesn’t show the address or anything.  It’s simply a note.  I don’t mean to be a stickler or anything but at this point I must be careful.  She doesn’t like to play by the rules and wants to control every situation so that its her way.

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Returned Back to Room

Yesterday was my last paid day at the hotel so I checked out and spent most of the day at the library working.

After I grabbed some dinner, I decided to call the police and meet them down the street from the house. I wanted to have the opportunity to explain my situation and be informed of my rights. Honestly, my landlady/roommate is scaring me. She started saying crazy things like, “I don’t trust you and I think you might steal something from me” and “I’m afraid of you”. I was very concerned that she might try to abuse her rights as a woman and homeowner and try to get me arrested or something crazy like that. I just don’t want any more trouble.

The Police told me that she even if she called them she would have to prove that I had stolen something or hurt her in some way. They said if she cannot prove such a thing then of course they wouldn’t do anything. He went on to explain that any person can request a police officer to place a person under citizens arrest and he’d have to do it but he has the authority to unrrest that person on the spot.

In any case, I went back to the room afraid she might try to pull something but to my relief, she didn’t. I just stayed in my room as usual.

The energy there is very bad though and I feel tired when I’m there. The living room, etc. always smells like cigerettes and alcohol.

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