Sick with Worry

It’s 4:02 am and I can’t sleep, sick with worry and stress.  I’m in dire need of my deposit money but when I went to my post office box today to check, it wasn’t there.  I called J. immediately after and got her phone machine-I left a message.  She also included her cell phone number in her outgoing message so I called that too-left a message.  I also sent her an email after that.  About an hour later she called me back from her cell phone with excuses. There was a family emergency…she had to go to Arizona…her car broke down on the way back…forgot to bring my contact info with her…hadn’t figured out the utilities yet…was happy to hear from me…will “do my best” to put it in the mail by this evening…wanted to have it post marked the 21st (to mark 21 calendar days).  Even thought I offered to come by in the morning to pick it up she insisted on mailing it to me.

This person is bizarre and cruel.  I just want my money back so I can pay my bills and be completely out of her sick little fantasy life.  She’s putting me in distress and real financial hardship by not returning my money on time.  I’m more than likely to be homeless, sleeping in my van by nightfall tomorrow.

I wonder if she’ll even return it at all.  If not, I’m really ****ed.



  1. demon23 said

    I posted on “about me” a rather long comment. She probably spent it (the deposit) and cares little for your plight. That is the way many people work. Whatever guilt she had or still has does not add up to much. Money is powerful like that… it changes people. I hope things work out for you, I offer my sympathy and an ear/eye (I guess it would be eye hence the reading bit).

  2. LivNLet said

    Thank you.
    She did return my deposit but late and short. She did not provide me with a copy of any of the utility bills and charged me for a chair I broke before I moved in, that she had previously said I did not have to pay for. Oh well, whatever. I was thrilled to have her out of my life once and for all. Now I live alone and without so much stress.

  3. demon23 said

    You are welcome. You have not posted in a while, no more tales to tell? Please stop by my blog if you haven’t already.

    Having the stress is horrible, but now without it you feel soo much better. Is this to say that if you never knew the stress, would you be so happy to be without it? Funny how balance is required in all things, everything happens for a reason. At times I forget this and hate it when people tell me it.

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