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So Long Nut Case

Well, some time has passed and I’ve been busy with a new chapter in my life.  I look at the time I spent at Janet’s house as more of a flat tire/breakdown than a stop along my journey through life.

I got part of my deposit back but not without a lot of stress first.  She returned it a day late and a dollar short.  She charged me for utilities but did not bother to include receipts in the envelope so I have no idea whether it was correct or not.  She also charged me for an old cheap patio chair I broke when I first came over to see the room.  At the time I offered to pay for it but she declined.  Then I get my deposit back and there’s the charge, with no mention or reference to it other than a line item in the deductions.  I thought that was pretty chicken shit of her.  But I decided to just let her go her own twisted way and I’ll go back to my life.  She seemed like the type that enjoyed fighting over stupid stuff so I decided to just ignore it.  Whatever.  Now I’m living by myself and at a new job making more money than I have in while.  My stress level has gone down to only the usual stress of being single and doing everything myself, etc.

I guess the moral of this story is “Nasty ingrediants don’t make tasty puddin”.


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