Free at Last!

Well, two days ago was the big day.  I moved out!  Hurray!

I rented a U-haul truck and moved my stuff into storage.  Funny thing is, Janet even helped me a bit.  I guess she really wanted me out of there.  The feeling was mutual on my part so I didn’t turn down the offer.

Perhaps I made a mistake though.  After moving everything out, Janet told me not to worry about the cleaning, that she’d do it.  I asked her if she was sure and told her I intended to do it but she said that she would do it and that it was only vacuuming in the bedroom and general cleanup in the bathroom.  I hope she doesn’t try to take advantage of me (again).  If she does, it’s my fault for being stupid.

Now I’m staying with a friend temporarily until I get re-situated.  The only worry I have to worry about the deposit now.  I gave her $625.00.  I owe her for utilities and I’m expecting she will take full advantage of this and try to over charge me.  Now it’s the 21-day waiting game to see what will happen.


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