Returned Back to Room

Yesterday was my last paid day at the hotel so I checked out and spent most of the day at the library working.

After I grabbed some dinner, I decided to call the police and meet them down the street from the house. I wanted to have the opportunity to explain my situation and be informed of my rights. Honestly, my landlady/roommate is scaring me. She started saying crazy things like, “I don’t trust you and I think you might steal something from me” and “I’m afraid of you”. I was very concerned that she might try to abuse her rights as a woman and homeowner and try to get me arrested or something crazy like that. I just don’t want any more trouble.

The Police told me that she even if she called them she would have to prove that I had stolen something or hurt her in some way. They said if she cannot prove such a thing then of course they wouldn’t do anything. He went on to explain that any person can request a police officer to place a person under citizens arrest and he’d have to do it but he has the authority to unrrest that person on the spot.

In any case, I went back to the room afraid she might try to pull something but to my relief, she didn’t. I just stayed in my room as usual.

The energy there is very bad though and I feel tired when I’m there. The living room, etc. always smells like cigerettes and alcohol.


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