Got Angry When I Asked for It in Writing

This morning J. told me that she is showing the room tomorrow at 11 am and that this is my 24 hour notice.  I replied by asking for it in an email.  She got angry and said she didn’t have to do that and went on to complain about me some more (as usual).  When she finished I restated that I wanted it in an email (I even said please).  She said she wasn’t going to do that.

Finally, about 10 minutes later she slid a hand-written note to me under the door stating that she was going to show the room.  It doesn’t show the address or anything.  It’s simply a note.  I don’t mean to be a stickler or anything but at this point I must be careful.  She doesn’t like to play by the rules and wants to control every situation so that its her way.


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